• Reasons why acrylic display cabinet is better than wooden display cabinet
  • Source: Hits:153 Date:2022-03-24
  • At present, acrylic materials have been widely used in the exhibition cabinet industry, especially for displaying high-grade and exquisite cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phones and other products. Nowadays, most enterprises will choose acrylic display cabinets as the main.

    Acrylic display cabinet is healthier, more environmentally friendly and more high-grade than wooden display cabinet; Colleagues, at the same time, due to the high plasticity of acrylic materials, acrylic display cabinets are also easier to shape than wooden display cabinets. Second, the shapes can be more diverse, more beautiful and more fashionable. In the process of display, they can add no low maple trees to enterprises and products. In addition, acrylic display cabinets can also be recycled, which is completely unavailable for wooden display cabinets.