• Precautions for the use of acrylic plate
  • Source: Hits:131 Date:2022-03-22
  • 1. For temperature: the thin plate is softened when heated or heated to more than 100 degrees, so it should not be used in places above 85 degrees;

    2. For crack damage: because the surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum, pay attention to the protection of the surface when taking and placing. In case of damage, polish it with abrasive used for yellow aluminum to restore the original beautiful surface;
    3. For wiping: because the surface is rubbed with a dry cloth, there is power on, so if there is dust on the surface, it can be cleaned with 1% soapy water and soft cloth;
    4. For thermal expansion: the coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic plate is large, and its expansion is about nine times that of metal. When the device is installed or fixed, the temperature change should be considered, and the expansion gap should be fully reserved.