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Replacing your glass windows on your shed

During the summer and winter months, many green fingered people out in the garden making preparations to maintian they pride and Joy. Always having to think ahead knowing what season will bring the best out of their plants.

As many seasoned gardeners will have unfortunately found out at some point, shed windows have a tendency to break. The garden can be dangerous place to be if you are a thin shed window - there may be a whole manner of objects flying around; footballs, frisbees… children. Not to mention the force of a strong storm.

It doesn't take much to smash a glass window and due to the characteristics of glass it can be difficult and dangerous to clear up. As you are aware, when glass breaks the shards are extremely sharp.(White Acrylic Sheet)

For a few years now many people have been using shed windows made from acrylic rather than glass. In case you were wondering, acrylic is essentially the same as Plexiglass, Perspex and Lucite amongst others which are brand names.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider replacing your old glass windows with acrylic:

Shatter resistance/strength(Acrylic Plexiglass)

Safety should always be a top concern, especially with children or the elderly. Depending upon its thickness, acrylic can be 6 – 17 times as resistant to impacts as glass. Furthermore, unlike glass, which will shatter into dangerous shards, acrylic tends to split into larger pieces with comparatively very dull edges.


Size for size, acrylic shed windows are half the weight of glass alternatives. This not only makes them easier to transport but also means less strain is put on the greenhouse frame. The total difference in weight between a shed built with glass versus acrylic is substantial.

Durability(Defect Acrylic Sheet)

Any material which is going to be exposed to the elements all year round has to be durable. Acrylic sheets are extremely weather resistant. As greenhouses are a year round structure, the panels also need to be resistant to the cold - acrylics are unaffected by low temperatures and they will not become cracked or brittle.


Good quality acrylic is as transparent as the finest traditional glass. The total white light transmission is around 92%.

Easy to work with

Acrylic is extremely easy to work with; it can be cut and drilled and sanded in much the same way as wood. This means any modifications such as ventilation holes can be carried out by the average DIYer.

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