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Not just Glass...It's Plexiglass!

Plexiglass You might be thinking..what exactly is plexiglass framing...never heard of it! Plexiglass is the modern way of art framing, providing the most clear, uninhibited viewing of artwork. It has come a long way over the last decade or two, and tends to be the industry standard by now. It has evolved in years and now offers all of the benefits of glass, plus a few bonus features. With UV-protectant coatings filtering out harmful rays that are a detriment to paintings, prints, and especially photography.

Has this ever happened to you?? Your are attending an art convention, and suddenly it strikes to you that this can be the best ever solution to enhance your painting and its appearance.

Plexiglass!! Yes it is!!

When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being, to such a level where there's no turning back. Everyone out there has the desire to preserve their artwork in the most protective ways so that they are durable along with that the appearance does not degrade with time. For this Plexiglass Framing or Acrylic Framing is the best ever solution.(Acrylic Plexiglass)

Plexiglass, in its most advanced form, provides all of the benefits that museum glass once cornered the market on. With an anti-reflective surface that filters 50-75% of UV rays, it is anti-static and scratch resistant, and is a sound alternative. If Glass provides so many benefits...then why do we opt for Plexiglass When most people think of plexiglass, the first thing that comes to mind is durability. As we have always known the fact that Glass is heavy and breaks easily whereas Plexiglass is light and virtually impossible to break. Big bonus for the transient lifestyle isn't it!!!!!

Glass that once dominated the painting and art world has its own limitations like:

Heaviness is a disaster- glass weighs considerably more than acrylic resulting in increased shipping costs.

Brittle, broken easily- glass must be transported carefully and it has a much greater potential for damage during shipping than acrylic.

Optical purity not viable- the iron content of standard glass creates a green tint. This tint reduces the light levels and creates a green tint on the artwork.

Now being aware with the limitations of glass lets fill our knowledge bucket with what benefits plexiglass provides.

Light Weight, easy to handle: Plexiglass Sheets for framing are light in weight, making it overwhelming choice for framing large pieces of artwork.

Safe and Secure: It is shatterproof and virtually impossible to break, making it by far the safer choice. Drop a piece of glass and it will break into many sharp shards that can injure bystanders as well as damage the artwork.

UV Protection, a must for artwork: Today's acrylic sheets offer superior protection from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays of natural and artificial light. to preserve the brilliant colors in your paintings, prints and photos.

Glare along with clarity: Plexiglass is designed to minimize glare and reduce reflections, non-glare acrylic sheets have a matte finish that lets the beauty of the art be seen and appreciated from just about any angle and in nearly all lighting conditions.

Inducing Clarity: Plexiglass sheets are optically pure and do not produce any kind of tint as the glass.(Clear Plexiglass Sheets)

Fabrication and Creativity: It is a preferable material for the do-it-yourself framer and also very easy to make custom vitrines out of acrylic sheet.

In conclusion, some purists still prefer museum quality glass for framing artwork, but for the rest of the art world and the majority of consumers, the benefits of lightweight, anti-reflective acrylic for picture framing makes it better than glass for protecting and displaying their artwork.

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