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The Beauty of Simplicity: Hanging Poster Frames

Poster frames are deceptively simple.  No matter what the material the frame is made from, the concept is familiar: a device that outlines and surrounds an image, keeping it flat and displayed so everyone can see it.  It's this simplicity that makes them an advertising tool which keeps being used year after year, without fail.  You'll see posters hung up everywhere in stores, dangling in the windows proclaiming the latest sales, hanging over the aisles to help customers find their way through the store, mounted on the walls to showcase glossy images, and plenty more.  Setting up all of these images and graphics could end up running into quite a bit of cash, and stretching a business budget thin.  But you don't need to spend a lot of money to get the advertising display that meets all of your requirements.  There are plenty of options out there to help create your ideal showcases on a budget.

If what you want is a poster frame that's specifically designed for wall mounting, you can't go wrong with a traditional snap frame.  Usually, these frames have that classic rectangular shape that works with almost every poster you can find.  The snap frames are made of metal for durability and come in a wide range of shades and sizes to match with many different store interiors.  They also come with an anti-glare lens to make sure your patrons get the best view of the contained image.  Another nice feature – the snap frames make it easy to change out images without having to pull the frame off the wall (which can be a hassle!).  Snap frames can also be found in waterproof models that are great for hanging your posters outside.  There's a rubber gasket that's built into the frame that keeps water out and your posters dry and safe from damage.  Price-wise, these frames are a little higher than the absolute cheapest model I'll talk about.  They're still easily affordable, however, especially if you're planning to purchase them in bulk to create an entire display throughout an establishment.

Walls aren't the only place you can set up poster frames.  There are a number of styles that have been created to display signage in a window, such as suction cup poster frames.  Suction cups are great for hanging as they don't leave any damage to the glass surface, and can also have a decorative look about them to really bring attention to your posted signs.  It's not unusual to find them in a number of colors, such as red and black.  Changing the graphic or poster held in the suction cup frames is a snap – just unscrew the front Acrylic Panel and slide in your new images.  There's no need to pull the frames off of the window to update your advertising.  The prices on these suction cup holders can vary depending on color and size, however they are still another affordable option, with models starting at under $10.00.  One caveat: these frames were designed specifically for windows and therefore are slightly limited.  They can only be displayed in windows, while the hanging styles listed below can be used against the wall as well.

If you're looking for a truly budget friendly poster display, then take a look at these plastic poster rails.  They're pretty self explanatory – two plastic rails that grip the top and bottom borders of a poster.  Gravity helps to keep the poster taut while hanging, further supported by the strong, lightweight construction.  Between the rails and the correct hardware (usually cords, chains, or suction cups depending on how you plan on hanging them), you'll be able to display them a number of ways.  Mount them directly on windows, or hang them from the ceiling to make a double-sided display.  It's not hard to find a set of these poster rails for under $10.00, so if you're looking to purchase a larger amount these may be a good option.  If you're setting up signage store-wide, or creating a wayfinding scheme that hangs from the ceiling, I'd recommend taking a further look at this style of poster holder.  If you want something a little fancier, there are similar rails that are made of metal instead of plastic.  But no matter which model you choose, your budget won't suffer.  Having such a low price does mean you have to keep some things in mind before purchase.  With these plastic poster rails, your poster is not protected from potential damage as image covers are not often included in the kits.  Sunlight and dust could cause your image to fade depending upon where they're being used, and there's always the possibility of accidental damage (which is not unheard of, especially in a busy shopping mall).

If you want something that's a little stronger and sturdier than a hanging plastic poster rail, take a look at ceiling hanging acrylic frames(Acrylic Board).  These are a little more expensive than the poster rails above, but still cost somewhere around the same as the other items in this article.  The rectangular frames are crafted from clear acrylic(Acrylic Cutting Boards), which keeps the posters protected from sun and other environmental damage.  There's a slot on the top of these cases for sliding posters in and out of the frame, making updating the pictures quite easy.  Given that the frame is entirely clear, these frames can also be used as dual-sided displays as well as a one-sided against the wall hanging frame.  Just insert two posters back to back, and you're set.  The frames often come with the correct hardware for hanging the frames from the ceiling, however extra frames (that are still inexpensive!) can be bought to combine multiple sizes in one display or to expand the single frame into an entire exhibit.

With all of these different options available, it's easy to see why poster frames have remained consistently popular throughout the years.  When you've got something that's inexpensive, easy to use, and effective at advertising for your store, well, why fix what's not broken?  Discover what poster frames can do for your business today!

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