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Different Kinds of Acrylic Board Play Important Roles in People's Life

Acrylic board is also called as a kind of specially processed organic glass, and its raw material often appears as the form of particle, panel and tubing and so on. The research and development of the acrylic board can be dated back to about one hundred years ago, and its performance and characteristics have been gradually explored by human beings along with the development of science and technology. Furthermore, the acrylic panel is famous for "The Queen of Plastic". Because compared to the traditional ceramic material; the acrylic board has lots of advantages, such as the incomparable highlight, nice tenacity, and soft character and so on, so it is treated as the best new type material for sanitary ware following the ceramic material.

Different Kinds of Acrylic Board Play Important Roles in People's Life

After a long time research, people have found that the acrylic panel has lots of advantages. Firstly it has fantastic transparency as a kind of transparent organic glass panel, and the light transmittance can reach over 92%. Besides, it has strong environmental adaptation with the excellent weather adaptation; even the long time solar radiation and rain will not change its performance. Moreover, the acrylic panel is nontoxic and has the function of environmental protection, and it will not emit toxic gas when burning. Above all, the acrylic board has outstanding combination property and the various kinds of types, and can be divided into the casting board and extrusion board according to the different process method.

The cast acrylic sheet has high molecular weight and excellent stiffness and strength. Due to its unmatched flexibility in the color system dealing and surface texture effect aspect, this kind of sheet is more suitable for processing large size sign board and other advertising board. Besides, the casting acrylic sheet has finished the structure polymerization during the course of the panel working, so it has higher strength and UV function, so people often use it for the outdoor lighting decoration, such as the lighting lamp-chimney of the expressway and the automobile lighting lamps without any change of the color.

Compared to the casting board, the extrusion board has a lower molecular weight, worse mechanical property and high flexibility, and these features are in favor of thermal forming machine and shorten the soften time. However, since the extrusion board is automatically produced in large scale, so it is inconvenient to change the product color and standard, and which will restrict the diversity of product standard. Considering the unique physical and chemical properties, the extrusion sheet is not suitable for the outdoor sign board, so its function is restricted to the indoor product bracket and other applications.

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