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Application Notice

1. Temperature: The thin cast acrylic sheet will be intererated above 100 celsius degree, therefore, it should not be used over 85 selsius degree;

2. Scrath: The surface hardness is similar to the aluminum, so it should be paid attention to protect its surface from scratch and other damages when moving or packing. If do see some scratch on the sheet, please polish by the rubbing which is used in the yellow-aluminum to get theexcellent surface again;

3. Clean: It will be occur the electric phenomena when you clean the surface with the dry cotton cloth, therefore, it should be cleaned by the soft cotton cloth with the 1% suds when you see dust on the surface;

4.  Thermal Expansion: The coefficient of liner thermal expansion is reasonable big, flex strength is nine times of metal, hence, when setting or fixing the products, the change of temperature which will leads to change in size should be taken into consideration.

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